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The Quota Process Continues: Phase 2 Producer Feedback Meetings Scheduled for Later this Month

Just over a month ago, more than 370 dairy farmers and allied industry professionals participated in a series of meetings to discuss the future of Quota in California. These events were Phase 1 of three-part process, designed to be think tank sessions where dairy farmers had an opportunity to share their ideas and learn about the history of Quota.

Phase 2 of this process will occur later this month, where dairy farmers can provide feedback on the ideas generated out of the Phase 1 meetings. These meetings will be on September 25 and 26 in Tulare and Modesto, respectively, and if you plan to attend these meetings, please register for them here. Additional meeting details are below.

Prior to these Phase 2 meetings, several documents will be released and producers are encouraged to read them so they can fully participate in the discussions on September 25 and 26. We will share an update in the MPC Friday Report when these documents are made available.

This process has been producer-driven from the start, and I encourage our MPC producers – whether you do or do not own Quota – to attend these meetings as our dairy community works together on a path forward on this important industry issue.

Geoff Vanden Heuvel

Director of Regulatory and Economic Affairs

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