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Referendum to Sunset Quota Program Fails

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Late this afternoon, the California Department of Food Agriculture (CDFA) announced that

the referendum proposing to sunset the Quota Implementation Plan on March 1, 2025 failed to achieve the necessary votes for adoption. CDFA reports that 78.56% of eligible milk produ

cers voted in the election, clearing the requirement for a valid election. Voting in favor of the referendum were 49.25% of producers representing 54.47% of the total voting milk. Passage of the referendum required a “yes” vote from 65% of the voters producing 51% of the voting milk or 51% of the voters producing 65% of the voting milk.

The Quota program in California will continue in its current form. Read the detailed results of the referendum vote here.

Geoff Vanden Heuvel

Director of Regulatory and Economic Affairs

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