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'More Water Now' Ballot Initiative

The petition process to qualify the More Water Now initiative for the November 2022 ballot is officially underway. Signatures from 1.5 million registered voters must be gathered by April 15, 2022, just five short months from now. The campaign has a goal of collecting a third of the required signatures from paid signature gatherers (think the people outside your local big-box store), another third via direct mail and the final third from volunteers – the more volunteers engaged in the signature collection process, the better. It costs nearly $4 per signature to hire a paid signature gatherer!


There are multiple ways you can volunteer to help gather signatures and support the effort:

  • Request a petition from the website, which will be mailed to you for your signature.

  • Circulate petitions to gather multiple signatures from registered voters.

  • Make petitions available to the public at your place of business.

  • Spread the message on social media. Follow @MoreWaterNow on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Donate to cover the cost of printing and mailing petitions.

As we’ve noted in previous MPC Friday Reports, this initiative provides an opportunity to make a substantial – and long overdue – investment in California’s water supply infrastructure, with funding put in place until five million acre-feet of new water is developed.


Learn more about volunteering at MoreWaterNow.Com/Volunteer.

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